Project BlendVET / KIPSI

Blended learning is a pedagogical approach to teaching in which a teacher methodically uses digital learning and teaching technology. The Blended learning in vocational education and training project – BlendVET (Slovenia Kombinirano izobraževanje v poklicnem in strokovnem izobraževanju – KIPSI) focuses on vocational education and training, where blended learning is a particular challenge for the development of professional competences for students.

Project BlendVET / KIPSI is pre-defined project of the Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeship and Youth Entrepreneurship programme and is financed by the EEA Grants and corresponding Slovenian contribution. Programme operator is Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of cohesion and regional development (MCRD).

The objective of the project BlendVET is to improve teaching and learning practices in blended learning and the exchange of knowledge and good practice with institutions from donor countries.

Project specific objectives:

  • To develop and test school strategies for the effective implementation of blended learning (work package 2.1).
  • To support teachers for the preparation of instructions plans and the implementation of blended learning (work package 2.2).
  • Development of digital competencies of teachers for the development and use of e-learning solutions (work package 2.3).

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