Strategic framework for schools

The introduction of blended learning at the school level is a developmental process that needs to be addressed in a comprehensive way. Partner’s schools of BlendVET project included blended learning in their development documents and based on the self-evaluation designed the implementation plan that is regularly evaluated and updated.

Defining elements of the strategy for the introduction of blended learning in VET schools presents key aspects schools should pay attention to while introducing blended learning.



Strategic leadership starts with analysis of situation and needs at VET school or VET provider and in the processes of change includes all those who will introduce changes and those who will receive them. The school’s development team that coordinates this development must hear the opinions of teachers and students and plan the development on the basis of a clear and realistic inside of the initial situation. Such an analysis was in the BlendVET project supported by self-evaluation for three target groups – school leadership and its development team, for teachers and for students. Tool for self-evaluation are here available for you.

Analysis of situation and needs at school level for the purpose of introducing blended learning (pdf)

  • Guidelines for discussion of school’s leadership and developmental team (docx)
  • Questionnaire for teachers (docx)
  • Questionnaires for students (docx)
  • Basic instruction on how to use 1ka survey tool (pdf)
  • Questionnaires for teachers and students (zip-1ka)

The partner schools draw additional encouragement from the experience and presentation of colleagues from seven schools from the three participating countries of Iceland, Norway and Slovenia at national and international meetings.

Training of the Slovenian development teams, Ljubljana, 25. 5. 2022

At the end of the 2022/23 school year each partner school evaluated their one year implementation of blended learning proces. The project partners met in September 2023 for an online international workshop to exchange experiences. The schools confirmed that the experience of the strategic approach to implementation had been very useful. At the same time, they assured that they will continue improve conditions for blended learning in following years.

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