Blended learning in Slovenian classrooms

12 May 2023

From 17 to 21 April 2023, the second study visit of the Blended Learning in Vocational Education and Training – BlendVET (KIPSI) project took place. Representatives from partner vocational schools in Norway and Iceland visited Slovenia. In the BlendVET project, partners from Slovenia, Norway and Iceland are researching and developing the organisational, pedagogical and technical conditions for the use of digital technologies in teaching and learning. In the school year 2022/2023, teachers are piloting blended approaches in vocational and professional education with expert support from the participating universities. The study visit was therefore an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.

Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, as the project promoter, together with the other Slovenian partners (University of Ljubljana, School Centre Celje, Upper-secondary VET school Koper,  School Centre Novo mesto and Upper Secondary VET School Trbovlje) organised and implemented a varied programme of professional and cultural activities.

During the visit, we visited the Slovenian partner schools SC Celje, STS Koper and SC Novo mesto and attended the 8th TRiii Conference organised by STPS Trbovlje.

At the School Centre Celje, we visited the school’s TV studio, the use of digital technologies in teaching mechatronics, robotics and computer science, and students’ research into humanoid robotics. We finished our day in Celje with a visit to the Old Castle.

At the Upper-secondary VET school Koper, we visited the classrooms for the practical teaching of the vocational modules and the Tomos pavilion on the school premises, where unique models and prototypes of Tomos engines are on display. During a workshop on the use of video and digital technologies in teaching, the partners presented their experience so far in producing and using the e-learning materials produced within the project and discussed possible dilemmas, problems and ways of solving them. The afternoon was devoted to a tour of Koper.

We focused more intensively on blended learning in practice on the third day of the study visit, which took place at School Centre Novo mesto. The partners exchanged experiences of piloting blended learning in the classroom and reflected on possible specificities of vocational and professional education that they encountered in this context. We visited classrooms where students, supported by teachers, are developing e-materials technically and programmatically, and the inter-enterprise education centre, a space for creative ideas and technical projects by students of the school centre. We ended the day musically with a short concert by the school’s Big Band and actively with a walk on Trška Gora.

On the fourth day of the study visit, we attended the 8th TRiii Conference in Trbovlje. The conference, aimed at encouraging innovation in secondary technical education and linking it with the economy, is organised annually by the Upper Secondary VET School Trbovlje. Representatives of Akureyri Comprehensive College, VMA from Iceland and Åssiden upper secondary school from Norway participated in the conference with their contributions. All partner schools presented demo versions of the e-learning materials being developed in the project. On the same day, the project’s mid-term event, the Digital and Innovative Conference, took place.

The study visit concluded on Friday at the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, where the Slovenian, Norwegian and Icelandic partners met for a partnership meeting, evaluated the activities of the week and together mapped out the future course of the project.

The partners will meet again in Iceland in spring 2024.

*Photo gallery: Tadej Bernik

*The study visit was accompanied by students from the School Centre Novo mesto, Nejc Matjašec (photography) and Tomaž Stupar (filming), through the eye of a camera. You are invited to take a look at their photo gallery

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