Teacher, Think Twice!

5 September 2023

We are thrilled to share a recent scientific article about our project that sheds light on the transformative power of blended learning in vocational education.

Title: “Teacher, Think Twice: About the Importance and Pedagogical Value of Blended Learning Design in VET”
Authors: Danijela Makovec Radovan and Marko Radovan.
You can find full article here (open access): lnkd.in/dXxANYBK.

Here’s a glimpse into the study’s findings:

The Study: Conducted with 106 students enrolled in a vocational education program in Slovenia, the study subjected these students to a pilot implementation of blended learning. Their experiences were analyzed and assessed.

Key Insights:

1️⃣ Diverse Outcomes: Different teaching approaches yielded varying results in terms of student workload, learning outcomes, and motivation. Live sessions and the integration of virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) technology presented unique challenges, while collaborative group work and online courses focused on professional skill development proved highly beneficial.

2️⃣ The Role of Support: The study emphasized the critical role of feedback and instructor support in online learning environments, underlining the importance of mentorship and guidance in the digital realm.

3️⃣ The Power of Blended Learning: Overall, the research highlights the positive potential of adopting blended learning in vocational education. However, it underscores the need for careful planning and strategic pedagogical considerations.

These findings are a testament to the BlendVet project’s commitment to advancing educational methodologies, and we’re excited to continue exploring innovative ways to enhance vocational education through blended learning.

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